POLL: New Pandemic Strains


Are you concerned about government response to new COVID strains or the recent monkeypox spread?

We asked thousands of readers what they thought about the possibility of new COVID strains and the ongoing buzz about monkeypox. Governments worldwide responded to COVID’s 2020 emergence by forcing businesses to close, restricting travel, and mandating population-wide lockdowns.


Since 2020, the world has seen an onslaught of COVID variants, including the infamous Delta and Omicron strains. Now, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning of new strains, including the recently-named Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. In addition, US citizens are now on alert for monkeypox.

When it comes to the new Omicron variants, researchers say these new strains are more contagious than previous variants. This naturally raises concerns that further mask mandates, lockdowns, and strains on the economy could be on the horizon for many countries–not just the US. Since COVID’s earliest emergence, countless businesses have shut down or been forced to reduce normal operations worldwide due to government mandates and regulations.

While many states in the US returned to a more normal and familiar rhythm, some have continued to implement COVID restrictions and mask mandates for businesses. As COVID variants continue to emerge, states with existing restrictions could choose to tighten them further. And, in states that have enjoyed a relative amount of normalcy in recent months, it’s possible new lockdown restrictions could be put into place.

Businesses that have struggled as a result of COVID lockdowns, mandates, and social distancing measures could see continued hardship in the event that viral variants significantly impact local or national populations. With worldwide economic concerns, national inflation, and the repercussions of the pandemic as a whole, the strain on both small businesses and large corporations could continue to increase.

Alongside COVID, monkeypox is quickly making its way across the country. According to the CDC, monkeypox isn’t normally diagnosed in the US. The CDC said the current monkeypox outbreak is most often spread by, and diagnosed in, homosexual men, although anyone who has close contact with an infected person can contract it.

Monkeypox causes a rash with raised, sometimes rough nodules. Lesions can also form on the skin. Some individuals who contract the virus also experience flu-like symptoms. The CDC is currently tracking the monkeypox outbreak, while cases are being continually announced in different states across the country.

Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) will hold an emergency meeting in mid-July 2022 to determine whether monkeypox poses a global threat to the health of the world population. Monkeypox has currently emerged in 63 countries, with 9,200 cases worldwide. In the US, there have been 760 reported cases.

Are you concerned about new COVID strains or the newest monkeypox threat? Do you think the administration is responding appropriately to global health concerns, or are they over-reacting and causing unnecessary fear? Please email contact(at)rightwing.org with your thoughts on the matter. Our team can’t wait to hear from you.