MTG May Have Accidentally Sent Nudes To Minors

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene may have unintentionally sent nude photos of Hunter Biden to minors in a mass email, according to Newsweek. The congresswoman reportedly addressed Congress during the House Oversight Committee’s hearing that was attended by two IRS whistleblowers claiming that the agency gave favorable treatment as he was being investigated for his taxes. 

Greene took her time to show partially covered nude images of him and shocked other members of the House.

While the hearing focused on the Biden family corruption and influence-selling, Greene decided to show what the president’s son was using his share of the money on, which was paid for by his law firm. He was revealed to have been sleeping with prostitutes and engaging in other acts. 

But now Democrats are attempting to divert attention away from Hunter and squarely on Greene for potentially sending a link to the Twitter video to her email subscribers. Aaron Fritschner, a staffer for Democrat Rep. Don Beyer, questioned it in a tweet and posted a screenshot of the email. The staffer continued to say that the email was sent using taxpayer-funded resources. 

The email contained the link which was behind a warning that informed readers the images were explicit and advised parental discretion. The link then led to the Twitter video. A press release on the congresswoman’s website sports the same link. 

During an interview with Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt, Greene defended her choice to show the images, saying that Americans deserve to see the evidence that Hunter was involved in prostitution and the adult film industry. She continued to say that the images are a way to hold the government accountable. 

The news comes as the former president faces several trials. Ian Sams, a White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations, has called on Republicans to work with the Biden administration in reducing inflation and creating jobs rather than investigate Trump.