Kinzinger Slams Fellow Republicans Over Trump Stance

Adam Kinzinger, a former Republican representative from Illinois, has expressed his deepest regret that former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and former Senator Lindsey Graham both supported former President Donald J. Trump.

At a conference hosted by the Karsh Institute earlier this month, Kinzinger spoke with a media outlet about the members of Congress who have disappointed him more than any other over the previous several years. A transcript of the chat was released.

According to Kinzinger, California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy is one of the people he’s most disappointed in since he believed McCarthy had a political soul. And he has realized that the pursuit of power was all that mattered to him.

The South Carolina Republican senator was a major letdown for him, he added, since he had seen eye to eye on many international concerns with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Kinzinger also posited that had the late Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) still been alive, Graham would have been less likely to back Trump.

Kinzinger stepped down from his position in Congress in 2021.

According to a report, the process of redistricting that took place at the state level in Illinois resulted in the division of Kinzinger’s district.

Kinzinger, a Democrat-leaning Republican, was left without a clear route to re-election as a result of new district lines that were less favorable to his political chances.

The former Republican legislator turned social media attention seeker has been informed of some troubling information by members of his own family.

During an appearance with CNN on Monday, former Representative Adam Kinzinger said that members of his own family had abandoned him.

The adversary of Donald Trump indicated that his family had conveyed their opposition in the manner of a certified letter.

Kinzinger said his family eventually disowned him and sent a letter to that effect, which was sent by certified mail. Kinzinger failed to mention any specific members of his family who have become unfriendly.