Poll: Voters Say Biden’s Condition Too Bad For 2024 

(JustPatriots.com)- As the oldest president in American history prepares for a probable reelection attempt, the poll of 1,516 U.S. adults from February 23 to February 27 highlights his major problem and the precarious situation his age is placing his party in. 

According to a recent survey by Yahoo News and YouGov, most respondents (68%) believe that President Biden is “too elderly for another term,” with 48% of Democrats agreeing with that statement compared to 34% who disagree. 

Democrats have little to no complaints about Biden’s work, with 77% of Democrats giving him a favorable rating compared to 20% who give him a negative rating. 

Even while most Democrats like what President Biden is doing, they also believe he is too elderly to continue in his current role. The piece includes a bar chart showing how readers feel about Donald Trump’s age. In 2024, if Trump were to be reelected, he would be the same age as Biden was when he took office.  

It’s hardly shocking that more people think Biden is too elderly to be president in 2024 than they do that Trump is too old. Biden is four years older than Trump, and we’ve seen him clearly struggle on several occasions over the previous two years, while Trump has mainly stayed out of the spotlight. 

Regarding the political outcomes, both camps tap dance around the issue. Democrats are split on whether or not Trump, at age 78, is too old for the presidency, with 58% saying he is and 48% saying Joe Biden, at age 82, is. It’s illogical to respond that way to a query about your age. Presumably, they include variables other than age. Only 32% of Republicans think Trump is too elderly, while 85% say the same about Biden. Some of it is understandable, considering that Biden is four years older and has been suffering, but it’s also evident that supporters of each candidate are more likely to see the best in their own man. 

This is a more significant issue for Biden. Respondents to the same survey in 2020 were questioned whether they were worried about Biden’s mental capacity. Just 28% expressed extreme or moderate alarm. After two years, 40% of Democrats still express alarm. It is difficult to see Biden regaining the support of these voters at this late stage.