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Poll Results: Free Education for Illegal Immigrants

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We asked thousands of people whether they thought illegal immigrants and their children should receive free education funded by U.S. taxpayers. We’re mostly talking about pre-kindergarten through high school education, because we’ve covered college education in a separate poll.

21% of Americans think illegal immigrants and their children SHOULD receive free education.
79% of Americans think illegal immigrants and their children SHOULD NOT receive free education.

The votes coming through so far indicate that the vast majority of people feel that those who are not United States citizens SHOULD NOT be eligible for free education, and neither should their children.

This is a complicated question because of all the complexities of illegal immigrant life. Many of them do in fact pay state, local, and federal taxes because they’re withheld from their paychecks (even if they’re using fraudulent social security numbers in many cases). So many of them are in fact paying for the education that their families are receiving. However, many of them do just work for cash and do not pay taxes.

But if illegal immigrants and their children go uneducated, they are much more likely to cause problems in the communities that they live in. A well educated student is much less likely to become involved in drugs, gangs, or other illegal activity. But that is not a great argument, because they are not supposed to be in this country in the first place.

Most people believe that the word ‘illegal’ determines how we should treat this matter. If someone is in this country illegally, they should not receive the benefits that legal citizens receive. They should instead be deported. It’s a very complex problem, but our readership seems to agree with this sentiment.

If you were voting on this poll today, how would you vote?