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Poll Results: America More Divided Today

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We asked thousands of people whether they felt America was more divided than ever. The results probably won’t surprise you.

The question is whether America is more divided than ever, but it’s not as easy to answer as one might think. A century ago, or even a couple of decades ago, Americans weren’t able to voice their opinions so loudly or clearly. It wasn’t that they didn’t think about it; they just didn’t have a place to voice them.

In fact, communication from one geographical location to the next took so long that when the slaves were freed, news of it didn’t reach some of the most southern states until years after it was done. Today, learning about laws that might be passed takes just a few clicks of a mouse or touchpad.

If you had to ask Americans what the hottest issue was before the Civil War, they would say slavery. Today, if we had a civil war, Americans would be hard pressed to tell you ONLY one issue that started it.

So is America more divided today? Would we have been this divided centuries ago, if we had the level of access to information we have now?

The poll results are in…

94% of Americans think we ARE more divided than ever.
6% of Americans think we ARE NOT more divided than ever.

Now that we know that the majority of people feel America IS more divided than ever, the real question is what can be done about it.  More coverage on this important topic coming soon.