Zelensky Meets With Congress As Aid Is Halted

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in Washington this week to meet with Congress and the White House to drum up support for additional aid for Ukraine, CBS News reported.

Zelensky started his visit on Capitol Hill where he met with senators and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to press the lawmakers on providing further aid to Ukraine.

Republican lawmakers are demanding immigration policy changes and further border enforcement in exchange for approving more funding for Ukraine.

After meeting with President Zelensky, Republican senators expressed their support for the Ukrainian president but reiterated that the Biden administration must agree to immigration changes before they would approve further assistance to Kyiv.

In their meeting at the White House on Tuesday, President Biden and President Zelensky joined forces to urge Congress to approve further funding before the end of the year.

Biden announced that he approved another $200 million in drawdown funds for Ukraine but warned that the funds would run out quickly. He called on Congress to pass the supplemental funding bill before the Christmas recess, suggesting that if they fail to approve the aid, lawmakers would be giving Vladimir Putin “the greatest Christmas gift they could possibly give him.”

During the joint press conference following their meeting, President Biden asserted that Ukraine would win the war and emerge “proud, free, and firmly rooted in the West,” provided that the US does not “walk away.”

The president insisted that despite some disagreements in Congress, bipartisan support for Ukraine remains “strong.” He said that only a “small number” of Republican lawmakers oppose supporting Ukraine and assured reporters that those Republicans “don’t speak for the majority” of their party.

While he refused to make promises, Biden told reporters that the White House was negotiating with lawmakers to get the funding Ukraine needs and he was “hopeful we can get there.”