Writer Who Bragged About Deep State Ties Gushes Over DeSantis

According to a report from National File, Molly Ball authored an article that praised DeSantis called “The DeSantis Project” for Time last Thursday. 

Ball is the author of “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” which included boasts from the Deep State and corporate America about their attempts to remove Trump from office.

Ball wrote enthusiastically about the plot to remove Trump from office through the use of methods such as mail-in voting and drop boxes, noting that there was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes that did away with protests and unified the resistance of CEOs. Both shocks were the work of a loose coalition of far-left activists and powerful corporate figures.

As a preview of what the Deep State and Woke Corporate America would do if Trump stayed in power until 2020, Ball’s piece also mentioned the BLM and ANTIFA riots of 2020. People’s actions may have a significant effect, as seen by the summer rebellion. The article revealed that activists planned to repeat the riots if Trump attempted to “steal the election.

The National File claims that now, Molly Ball is praising Ron DeSantis in her writings.

The “The DeSantis Project” article has a computer-generated image of DeSantis angrily peeling an orange. The first part of Ball’s essay is a recounting of DeSantis’ supposed victories. But Ball doesn’t mention how well-known it is that DeSantis attempted to remove Disney’s privileges and failed.

Reports reveal that DeSantis’ comparison of himself to Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan has drawn severe criticism.  

According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) popularity during the 2024 Republican primary race continues to decline as former President Donald Trump leads.

Trump’s popularity remains strong, with 58% of Republican voters siding with him.

DeSantis is a distant second with 16% support, 42 points behind the winner. This is a decrease of 4% from his last poll percentage of 20%.

Meanwhile, Trump’s 58 percent shows a three-point increase for the ex-President.