Woman Who Claimed To Be “Trump’s Hitman” Has Been Charged

(JustPatriots.com)- A woman from Texas who referred to herself as “Trump’s hitman” has been charged after allegedly leaving multiple threatening messages for the judge presiding over a dispute between former President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice. The dispute is related to the handling of classified documents.

According to NBC’s reporting, Tiffani Shea Gish was taken into custody after leaving three voicemails for Judge Aileen Cannon. The woman kept referring to herself as Evelyn Salt, a character from the movie Salt (2010), starring Angelina Jolie as a fake Russian operative. In the communications, the lady from Houston asserted that she was “in charge of nuclear” and “Trump’s hitman.” She also said that she and the former president were “designated for assassination, and so are you.” At one point, Gish allegedly brought up the events of September 11th and said that Trump played a role in planning the terrorist assault.

According to the allegations, Gush told the target, “Consider it a bullet to the head from Donald Trump himself since I’m also Trump’s hitman.”

Gish asserted that she had Cannon killed and that she had also dispatched a bomb and snipers to the home of the southern Florida judge. It was reported that the calls were made on September 1, and a formal criminal complaint was submitted on September 6. Cannon forwarded the communications to the FBI a couple of days after she had received them, which resulted in the FBI locating Gish and interviewing her at her residence.

Gish must remain in custody until her trial because Magistrate Judge Peter Bray stated that she appeared to suffer from “serious mental disabilities,” including delusions. Bray issued the order that Gish is held in custody. The prosecutor’s office pointed out that Gish has a history of making threats, including threats made in the past against both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when she served as secretary of state.

Recent events have resulted in Cannon granting Trump’s legal team’s request for an independent assessment of the materials collected during the raid on Mar-a-Lago. While the Department of Justice examines whether or not Trump unlawfully handled and moved classified papers from the White House, Trump has denied any wrongdoing on his behalf.

Gish is accused of threatening a federal official and engaging in interstate communications while making a threat to abduct or otherwise harm another person.