Woman Sentenced After Killing Boyfriend’s Parents

An Illinois woman, Arin Fox, was given a 55-year jail term for the 2020 stabbing murders of her boyfriend’s parents. Despite her mental illness, Fox pled guilty. Fox must serve the whole term of her sentence, 40–60 years. While her boyfriend, Andrew Gilard, was incarcerated in McHenry County, she lived with the Gilards, acting as their caregiver.

The Gilards’ bodies were discovered in their beds on November 8, 2020, after each had been stabbed to death. Believed to be the murder weapon, blood was found between the handle and blade of a long-blade butcher knife that was discovered on a drying rack in the kitchen sink.

Assistant Public Defender Kyle Kunz, who represented Fox, had argued for a 40-year term, saying that while the murders were “brutal and horrible,” Fox was having a mental breakdown and not taking her medication.

In October, Fox entered a guilty plea to one count of murder; in return, three more counts of murder were dropped, along with accusations of domestic abuse, aggravated battery, possession of a stolen car, and other counts of murder. Nearly five months before the murders, accusations that Fox had thrown a knife at the husband had been dropped.

A licensed clinical psychologist from the Mathers Clinic, Dr. Robert Meyer, testified that Fox had gone through a string of “traumatic experiences” before the murders. She had just completed electroconvulsive treatment after being discharged from a mental health hospital. Among Fox’s almost ten prescriptions were four antipsychotics and four antidepressants.

When Fox got pregnant—a pregnancy she subsequently ended—she suddenly stopped taking the drugs. During this time, she had postpartum depression, her stepsister passed away, her father and brother cut off all communication, and the pandemic began. Caregiving for Fox’s aging parents sent her into a psychotic breakdown during which she experienced mental decline, wrath, despair, and frustration.

Assistant Public Defender Kyle Kunz said that his client required structure and should never have been entrusted to care for an elderly couple.

He asked for a 40-year jail sentence and mental health care for her while she was behind bars.