Woman Says She Was Physically Assaulted By Andrew Cuomo

(JustPatriots.com)- Even after announcing his resignation, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to insist that he is not guilty of groping and sexually harassing women as was confirmed during a recent independent investigation. And now, the assistant who said that he was sexually inappropriate with her, is speaking out against his defense.

Cuomo insisted that his touching of women was the same as the way he touches friends and members of his family, but speaking to CBS This Morning, Brittany Commisso said that “those were not the hugs that he would give his mother or his brother.”

During the interview, she described how Cuomo hugged her “with the intention of getting some personal, sexual satisfaction.”

She described how the New York governor while taking a selfie, hugged her, kissed her on the cheek, and then turned his head to kiss her on the lips at the very end. After it happened, she described how she reported the behavior to sheriffs in Albany, New York’s capital city. She is currently preparing to file a lawsuit against Cuomo.

During the interview, she also described in detail how Cuomo had “rubbed her butt” as they took a photograph together. She had been at his mansion helping him prepare for his state of the state speech, and that when they took a selfie afterwards – which he suggested they take – he felt his hand moving down her back and rubbing her backside.

Commisso said that it became the “tipping point” where she broke down.

Let’s be honest here…if a Republican was accused of this and refused to resign for so long, only to continue denying the claims even after he resigned, would the media have given them such an easy time?

It’s probably only a matter of time before the Democrats are praising Cuomo again. After all, they did declare themselves “Cuomosexuals” during the pandemic…