Woman Moves Out After Discovering Burglar In Her Closet

According to reports, a woman in California has moved out of her high-end apartment complex after finding a thief concealed in a closet.

Brittney Heinzman had just moved into an Irvine, California, condo. When she returned to her condo on December 1st, she found it trashed and the door unlocked after she had returned from her Thanksgiving holiday.

Even though she was sure she had secured her apartment, Heinzman arrived to discover thousands of dollars worth of belongings gone.

Heinzman told local media that she discovered a woman hiding in a closet while exploring the house. A pizza cutter was in the stranger’s hand.

An expression of horror crossed the stranger’s face as Heinzman screamed at her to “Get out!”

Heinzman remembered that the intruder had pleaded with her not to harm her but that she had also asked the same question, as the intruder was armed with a pizza cutter.

The burglar was chased out of the apartment. After Heinzman calmed herself for a time, she contacted the authorities.

A few units away from Heinzman’s, 43-year-old serial burglar Wendy Wilkinson was detained at her apartment by Irvine authorities after they were able to get a search warrant.

According to court documents, she was already on bond for a different burglary when she was arrested.

According to documents from the Harbor Justice Center, the suspect was detained on a $150,000 bond. Papers reveal that she worked as a receptionist. The 13th of December was her court date.
Among California’s cities, Irvine has a reputation for being one of the safest. The FBI ranked it as the safest city of its size in the United States last year. According to the figures compiled by the organization, out of all American cities with 250,000 or more population, Irvine had the best rate of violent crime per capita. Irvine has won the title for the last 17 years running.