Woman Fends Off Four Burglars With Pistol

A woman in Philadelphia shot four people over the weekend after discovering them squatting in her apartment and thought they were burglars.

Reports say that at approximately one Sunday morning, a woman came home to her apartment on the 4900 block of Germantown Avenue in the Germantown neighborhood of the city to find four males squatting there without her knowledge or consent. 

The woman opened fire during the altercation, striking two of the four suspects before they all fled.

Around half past one in the morning, officers found Jermaine Parker, 48, lying outdoors with wounds to his hand and leg. The shooter was standing over him.

Shortly after, Randy Miller, 45, was found by investigators a few blocks away with a gunshot wound to the back.

Reports say that Parker and Miller were taken to Einstein Medical Center, where they would later be charged with burglary and other related crimes. A firearm was also recovered from the scene.

Miller’s health was described as stable but critical.

Police are still looking for the other two suspects and urge anybody with information to contact them.

According to reports, the woman will not face criminal charges since her actions were justified acts of self-defense.

Local neighbor Shawanda was interviewed by reporters and said she thinks she did the right thing when asked about the woman who opened fire on the criminals. 

The neighbor said if this is their home, their haven. To have somebody in my house when I get there, why not [shoot[?

The landlord, Martin Frazier, said, “It’s terrifying” and that he “would’ve done the same thing.”

Philadelphia set a record with 562 homicides in 2021.

According to local statistics, the number of shootings has increased by 3%. The violent crime rate increased by 7% during the same period last year.