Woman Calls 911 While Stealing Car, Gets Arrested Anyway

According to the Florida police, a woman tried to ‘legally’ steal a vehicle from a dealership before calling them for help. Her bizarre plan backfired, and she now finds herself in the slammer.

The strange occurrence was captured on film by the investigating officer’s body camera and shared on social media by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Julie Martin, a public information officer, Christy Lee Turman (37) she contacted the authorities to alert them that she was planning to legally purchase a vehicle from a Tampa dealership by stealing it from their parking lot.  Audio from Turman’s 911 call was included in the video.

She shouted over the phone to 911 that she was attempting to abscond with an automobile that did not legally belong to her. She told them to write up a report about it.

According to the police, Turman was seen getting out of the Toyota Corolla just as they arrived at the lot. She was clutching her phone while she complied with the officers.  Turman informed authorities that she was being taught how to steal a vehicle in a Black Ops video game.

 “Black Ops” is a clandestine operation in which the government, military, or other group disavows or hides its role.

Trespassing was the charge against the woman who was apprehended by the police. According to the records, she was booked after one in the morning. Martin pointed out that Turman’s criminal record was extensive, including convictions for robbery, violent violence, and petty theft.

Turman remained in detention, according to public records maintained by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department. A bond of $5,000 was set for her. The police also noted that she was a transient.  Documents show that Turman had a prior arrest for disorderly behavior in 2015.

From 1991 to 2022, property crime in Florida decreased by 79 percent, the most significant decrease of any of the 50 states. The FBI reports that over the same period, violent crime declined by 78%.