Woman Arrested After Livestreaming Mother’s Murder

A California woman has been arrested for murdering her mother and livestreaming the killing online. Tonantzyn Oris Beltran allegedly stabbed her 55-year-old mother, Olivia Lucia Beltran Pacheco, to death on January 9 in San Rafael.

The alleged murder took place after the pair had attended a Santa Rosa police station to retrieve Beltran’s vehicle, which had been impounded days earlier. While inside the station, the daughter filmed her mother speaking to an officer while she was holding a knife – which officers did not appear to notice.

Having secured the vehicle, Beltran filmed her mother again while they sat inside. In a TikTok video, the mother and daughter discussed the abuse the daughter allegedly experienced as a child. During the exchange, Beltran told her mother, “You have no idea what’s waiting for you.”

Hours later, San Rafael police responded to a call about a fight and potential stabbing at an apartment on Cresta Way, where they discovered Beltran standing over the bloody body of her mother on the apartment’s balcony. Pacheco was pronounced dead in hospital.

During their investigations, San Rafael police discovered that the killing was streamed on Facebook. They contacted the parent company, Meta, to remove the video, but it is known that several people witnessed the killing on the social media platform.

Ms. Beltran, who is now held without bail in Marin County jail, previously wrote an online blog describing a history of alcohol and drug abuse. She claimed to have had a difficult upbringing that included “homelessness, abuse, neglect, and foster care.” Beltran said she began drinking alcohol at age 4, and when her mom got her settled into their first home together at the age of 7, she began self-harming through other means as access to alcohol dried up. Her drug use began at age 14 when she started smoking cannabis, which quickly led to harder drugs. “Anything that was put in front of me, I would take,” she wrote.