Wild Elk Attacks Two Children in Northern Colorado Town

In a village in northern Colorado, elk trampled and wounded two children, one of whom was eight years old and the other four years old.

Separate occurrences involving aggressive cow elk have injured youngsters at Estes Park, which is situated at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park. As a result, officials from Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) issued a warning to both locals and visitors to the area.

According to a news release dated May 31, authorities said that the incident occurred when the child was biking in a residential area and a female elk lunged at her from a distance of sixty yards.

The huge animal reportedly ran up to the girl and trampled her many times, according to the authorities. The child was sent to a medical facility and subsequently discharged.

Male elk, known as bulls, and females, known as cows, vary greatly in size and weight, making the elk one of the biggest deer species.

The typical male weighs 700 pounds.  The whole length, including the tail, is around 8 feet, and the height is about 5 feet at the level of the shoulder. Females often weigh 500 pounds. At the shoulder, they are around 4.5 feet tall. From tip to tip, the cow is around 6.5 feet in length.  At birth, calves just weigh around 35 pounds.

When a wildlife officer arrived at the scene of the assault, they discovered a mother and her young elk while conducting their investigation. In response to the cow elk’s hostile behavior, the wildlife official reportedly used non-lethal bean bag shots to disperse the animals from the park.

 Another hostile elk assaulted a four-year-old boy a couple of days later.

On June 4th, a cow elk suddenly attacked and stepped on the youngster several times as he was playing at a playground close to Stanley Park.

Two elk calves had been hiding in the area around where the boy was playing. Multiple cow elk were discovered in the vicinity. Cow elk have the ability to charge long distances. Even if a baby animal seems to be on its own, the mother is probably only hunting for food nearby, so it’s best not to bother them.

A relative chased away the cow, and the youngster was brought to the hospital and then released.