WHY NOW? Gov. Cuomo Does About-Face to Reopen Economy | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 696

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As the investigation continues on the siege of the U.S. Capitol, we find out that a left-wing known agitator was charged with entering the restricted building. John Earle Sullivan was captured on video in the siege and in the video, you can hear him say he’s going to delete the video. Does this video change people’s mind on who started the siege of the Capitol? A Stanford study is challenging the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders and in a change of heart, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo now wants to reopen the economy in New York. But is it too late for New York to reopen? Can the businesses come back? Politico staff members are upset after Politico allows Ben Shapiro to author Thursday’s Playbook newsletter. A Danish cartoon is upsetting parents because it features a man with the longest penis in the world. Are we going to see this in America soon?