WHO Says Syringe Shortage Is Coming

(JustPatriots.com)- On Tuesday, the World Health Organization warned that there could be a huge shortage of vaccine syringes by next year – a shocking indication that the medical industry could fall short on vital syringes used for more consequential injections that may be required to save lives.

Lisa Hedman, a World Health Organization official, said at a United Nations briefing that some 6.8 billion COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered so far, which exceeds the manufacturing capacity of 6 billion vaccine syringes over the last year.

It means that if the current manufacturing setup for vaccine syringes doesn’t change, then there could be a shortage of 2 billion syringes by next year.

Hedman said that a shortage of immunization syringes could lead to major problems like the slowing down of immunization efforts.

“If we shift capacity from one type of syringe to another or attempt to expand capacity for specialized immunization syringes, it takes time and investment,” she also said.

To be clear, when she says a slowing down of immunization efforts, she doesn’t just mean COVID-19 vaccines. It would also mean that children may not be able to access the immunizations they need as part of their normal, routine vaccinations.

It may also prove particularly dangerous for people who live in the developing world, where vaccinations are often lifesaving. It may even force people to begin unsafely reusing syringes on multiple people.

Could the introduction of booster COVID-19 shots and the efforts by global governments to force COVID vaccines on everybody end up hurting people who need vaccines that might actually save their lives?