White House Transcript Accidentally Exposes Identity Of “Unnamed” Source

(JustPatriots.com)- The adults are back in charge! Isn’t that what they always say?

But if the White House communications team is any indication, the so-called “adults” in charge at the White House are of the inept variety.

Last week, the White House released to the press a document called “Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials Previewing the President’s Bilateral Meeting with the Right Honorable Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

Note the “Senior Administration Officials” is deliberately vague. The White House intended that the press not know who this or these “senior administration officials” were or was.

Problem is, the transcript itself revealed that not only was it not plural “officials” but only one official, it also included the unnamed official’s name.

Daily Beast reporter Scott Bixby spotted the mistake and tweeted out a screen capture of the transcript with the message “This is incredible.”

In the screen grab Bixby shared, the transcript read:

MODERATOR: Yes, go ahead. Jake, we can hear you if you’re saying anything. Jake? Are you there? Apologies, everybody while we figure out these technical difficulties. One moment, please.
SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Sorry, guys. Sorry, sorry. I’m here. I apologize. I was — somehow my phone just cut out for a minute, and I was shouting into the void.

The “Jake” in question is, of course, Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

In the previous portion of the transcript, the transcriber remembered to remove Sullivan’s name and instead typed “[senior administration official].” But this second mention was clearly missed.

After Bixby’s tweet made the rounds, someone in the White House fixed the error and now the transcript as it appears at the White House website, has removed the accidental “Jakes” from the text.

While this kind of screw-up isn’t likely to cause an international incident, it certainly is entertaining. If for no other reason that it paints the so-called “adults” who are “back in charge” as clumsy dopes.