White House Says Calling Afghanistan Withdrawal A Failure Is ‘Russian Propaganda’

(JustPatriots.com)- The White House is apparently still seething from the fact that their rushed and poorly-organized withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan ended so badly that they’re now claiming criticism over the withdrawal is actually just “Russian propaganda.”

Remember, this withdrawal of American troops is defined by scenes of babies being handed to U.S. military personnel over barbed wire fences, desperate men clinging onto airplanes as they left Kabul International Airport, and thousands of American citizens being left stranded in the country as the Taliban took back control.

It was an unmitigated disaster, but during a recent White House press briefing, press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that criticizing the withdrawal comes from the playbook of the Russians.

Yes, really.

“One of the things that you hear among Russian propaganda in Ukraine is that the United States is an unreliable ally…has the Afghanistan withdrawal complicated diplomacy in this regard?” a journalist asked Psaki.

It’s a reasonable question, too. How can Ukraine – or anyone – depend on the United States as an ally when the record of the new Biden administration is already so shocking?

“That sounds like the old Russian propaganda playbook,” Psaki said, before hastily moving on.

Never mind the fact that tens of billions of dollars worth of American military equipment was handed over to the Taliban thanks to the Biden administration’s poor planning. Never mind the fact that the Taliban has its own air force thanks to President Joe Biden. And never mind the fact that an innocent aid worker and his family were murdered by a U.S. drone.

It’s all just Russian propaganda.