White House Reporter Says “I’d Elect Hitler”

(JustPatriots.com)- As the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) is in the process of electing its next president, one White House correspondent reportedly told Politico, “I’d elect Hitler,” if it meant getting a better break room.

The WHCA is like a high school cafeteria, where the cool kids sit together, apart from the not-so-cool kids. In the first couple rows you have the reporters from big outlets, while the farther back you go the less prestige you have. The James S. Brady Press Briefing Room is where we frequently Fox News reporter Peter Doocy hammering the former press secretary.

Now, the association is getting ready to elect new officers, board members, and a president. The elections are not common, however, as they take effect three years after they are held, creating an interesting “power dynamic.” The current WHCA President is Steve Portnoy, who was elected in 2019 under Trump.

The elections are described as a high school class presidential election, although maybe not as funny as Napoleon Dynamite might have been. Reporters from smaller outlets are situated in the back of the press room who come only secondary to the popular reporters at the front.

Once election season comes around, however, fliers are seen in the press room and the candidates running are reportedly like “popular girls running for homecoming queen.” They make the effort to speak to people they have never spoken to before, attempting to procure their vote.

The break room is the prototypical high school cafeteria where instead of groups of students, we have popular reports from big outlets and those from smaller outlets. While Fox News or CNN can probably afford their own booths and cubicles in the press area, the cramped break room is not much of a picnic for everyone else.

Speaking to Politico, one reporter said of the election that there are “structural and physical limitations of the White House briefing room” adding that “If they could get a lunch room that doesn’t face the bathrooms, I’d elect Hitler.”

Wow. Sounds like a really unpleasant place to be if the solution to the bathroom-facing breakroom meant electing a Nazi.