White House Releases Disturbing, Cringy Video Of Cross Dressing Activist With No Actual Message

(JustPatriots.com)- As part of the $1.9 Trillion “American Rescue Plan Act,” passed by Congress and signed into law by Joe Biden in March, the Biden administration was granted $1 billion to combat “vaccine hesitancy.” Which is ironic since two of the people who sowed doubt about the vaccines developed under Operation Warp Speed were Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

With the plan passed, President Biden and Vice President Harris began telling the country “Help is on the way!”

And what precisely was the “help” that was on the way to combat vaccine hesitancy?

In April, Jen Psaki explained that they were running Public Service Announcements during TV shows the Biden administration determined would reach the “vaccine hesitant.”

Nationwide, blacks are lagging behind whites and Hispanics in getting vaccinated. In New York City alone, over 70 percent of blacks are unvaccinated. What are the chances running PSAs during The Deadliest Catch, NASCAR and Country Music TV will get those black Americans to change their minds?

But of course the Biden administration and their media lackies are doing their best to portray “Trump voters” as the ones who are vaccine hesitant. So it is unsurprising that they spent some of that one billion dollars to prop up that claim.

Now, four months later, as it becomes abundantly clear that vaccine hesitancy isn’t based on which candidate people voted for in 2020, the Biden administration is scrambling to find a way to put that money to better use.

Since another demographic with low vaccination rates are people under 30 who probably don’t watch The Deadliest Catch, the White House has decided the best course of action is to use some of that $1 Billion to pay “social media influencers” to create videos encouraging young people to get vaccinated.

Thus far, they’ve hired 50 “influencers” to use their so-called “influence” on people under 30. And last week, the White House, working with one of those “influencers” came up with this ridiculous video:

It’s hard to decide what is more embarrassing – that Jen Psaki agreed to be in this cringe-inducing video or that the White House believes some guy in press-on nails flouncing around the White House would successfully “combat vaccine hesitancy.”

As conservative John Gabriel tweeted after seeing the video: “Now I want to unvaccinated myself.”

On the other hand, the White House did manage to finally debunk their own claim that “Trump voters” make up the majority of the “vaccine hesitant.” Because the last group on Earth that this video would appeal to is working class Trump voters.