White House Press Secretary Gets Direct Question About Biden Indictment

According to reports, Peter Doocy of Fox News questioned Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary,  about ex-president Donald Trump’s indictment and arraignment.

Doocy asked the press secretary whether Trump’s surrender for his arraignment on Tuesday sparked concerns about President Joe Biden being prosecuted.

President Joe Biden was an attorney. Is he at all worried that a regional DA indicting a past president may, down the road, open the potential and create the precedence that local DAs who don’t like Biden could arrest him?

The press secretary said she would not comment.

Doocy questioned why she didn’t have more to remark about the indictment of Donald Trump.

When Doocy asked the press secretary if the Trump arraignment was a major concern for the United States, she said she declined to comment on a pending judicial matter.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s classified documents scandal continues with new findings. 

According to a report, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) stated that Kathy Chung, a former assistant of President Biden, disproved White House assertions that boxes of classified documents found at Biden’s post-vice presidency DC office late last year were inside a locked closet. 

Chung also disclosed the White House pursued to retrieve the papers quietly.

Kathy Chung went to speak with the panel, and according to a statement released by Comer, she revealed shocking evidence that discredits the Biden White House’s version of events.

Comer said the Committee discovered that when Joe Biden departed the vice presidency, he split his time between an office close to the White House, an office at the Penn Biden Center, and an office in Chinatown. The boxes included sensitive papers, vice presidential records, and other items.

As Biden’s term ended as vice president in 2017, the University of Pennsylvania established the Penn Biden Center.

Comer said the boxes weren’t hidden in a secure location at Penn Biden Center but were easily accessible to anybody working there or visiting the building. Anyone who had access to these papers needs to be identified.