White House Gets Snippy On Question Over Biden’s Age

The White House and its allies on social media were miffed that Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson last Saturday dared to question President Joe Biden about his advancing age, Mediaite reported.

While the president and his family were out shopping in Nantucket the weekend after Thanksgiving, Tomlinson was among the pool reporters who shouted questions at Biden. The Fox reporter asked the president if he thought he was “too old to be running for president.”

Biden, who turned 81 before Thanksgiving, has faced growing concern from voters over his mental and physical ability to serve another term in the White House.

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll from September, nearly three-quarters of respondents, 74 percent, said Joe Biden was too old to run for a second term, a 6-point increase from a poll conducted a month after Biden formally announced his reelection in April.

A University of New Hampshire poll released two weeks ago found that 56 percent of Democrat primary voters in the state said one of their biggest concerns about Joe Biden is his age.

But when Tomlinson asked President Biden if he was too old to run for reelection, the president tersely responded, “That’s stupid.”

The following day, Tomlinson recounted the brief exchange in a post on X. However, because Tomlinson only said Biden was “asked by a reporter” if he was told old, the White House found the perfect deflection to focus on to avoid the issue of Biden’s advanced age.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates sarcastically called out Tomlinson for failing to point out that he was the reporter who asked Biden the question.

Bates quote-posted a video clip from “Fox News Sunday” in which Tomlison reported that Biden was continuing to face questions about his age. The clip was initially posted by White House ally Aaron Rupar who was quick to note that Tomlinson himself was the one questioning Biden’s age.