White House Doctors Joe Biden’s Transcript 

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week the White House once again was forced to add a correction to the official transcript of President Biden’s remarks during the White House ceremony commemorating Women’s History Month after the president made yet another unfortunate gaffe. 

While Biden was boasting about his work on ensuring that the Violence Against Women Act included language that prevented convicted domestic abusers from owning firearms, the president inadvertently used the phrase “domestic political advisors” instead of “convicted domestic abusers.” 

As often happens when the president commits a gaffe in his prepared remarks, the White House transcript of last week’s event had to be edited to include the correct phrase in [brackets] after Biden’s gaffe. And while the gaffe remains in the transcript, it includes a strike-out line over it. 

A great many of the White House transcripts of President Biden’s remarks feature [bracketed] corrections following a gaffe, given the president’s penchant for making eyebrow-raising mistakes in his prepared remarks. 

Sometimes, however, Biden’s gaffes slip past the people responsible for making corrections to the official transcript. For example, during a February 2nd White House event honoring the 30th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act, the White House failed to correct the transcript after the president boasted that over half of the women in his White House are women. Though, given how many transgender and “non-binary” people this administration has hired, that might not have been a gaffe. 

But Joe Biden wasn’t the only one mocked for bungling his remarks during last Wednesday’s Women’s History Month event. 

Vice President Kamala Harris also found herself on the receiving end of mockery as well after delivering one of her infamous word salads during her remarks, when she noted that it is during Women’s History Month that people honor “women who made history throughout history.”