White House Confirms Big Changes For U.S. Veterans

(JustPatriots.com)- Veterans who have been exposed to harsh chemicals and other environmental hazards during their time serving will soon get additional health benefits from the federal government.

On Thursday of last week, the White House honored Veterans Day in party by announcing the new expanded resources for veterans who were exposed to environmental hazards and burn pits while they were serving.

This has been a significant personal issue of President Joe Biden’s. Multiple times, he has said how he believes exposure to burn pits could have been linked to his son Beau Biden’s brain cancer, which killed him back in 2015.

As part of the announcement, the Biden administration released a fact sheet that outlined the many steps the federal government is now taking to aid people who were exposed to contaminants and burn pits while they were serving in the U.S. military.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is still working to develop a model of testing so they can understand better whether veterans developed particular health problems because of their exposure to various environmental hazards.

Over the summer, the VA started the process of taking disability claims that were related to rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma that were related to exposure that was presumed to be from particulate matter. Any person who had served in areas such as Southwest Asia and developed those conditions within 10 years of serving there are now able to apply for health care provided by the VA and disability benefits as well.

The VA also will be applying new models to review evidence that will help them determine if there’s a connection between the exposure to the potential environmental hazards people had while serving in the military and the future development of conditions such as constrictive bronchiolitis and respiratory cancers.

The Biden administration announced it would also be rolling out awareness campaigns to reach veterans and educate them on the new VA benefits. The agency will soon plan to host various Q&A sessions to further educate people on the eligibility for the new disability benefits. They also plan to release some announcements to the public to raise awareness

In a release, the White House said:

“The Administration will continue to prioritize efforts to support veterans who were exposed to environmental hazards during their military service. At the same time, the Administration will work with Congress on its encouraging ongoing efforts to ensure we are able to quickly and fairly recognize additional presumptions of service-connected disabilities, in order to live up to our sacred obligation to provide veterans the care they have earned.”

Veterans have been exposed to harmful chemicals from burn pits during their time serving overseas. Burn pits were very common during the Vietnam War, in Vietnam itself as well as surrounding countries where American soldiers served

Burn pits also occurred after 9/11. Many people were exposed to the harmful chemicals that are released from these pits, and can sometimes develop health conditions as a result.