White House Asked To Declare Russia A State Sponsor Of Terrorism

(JustPatriots.com)- Last Sunday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham called for the Biden administration to increase aid to Ukraine while designating Russia a state sponsor of terror after Vice President Kamala Harris accused Russia of committing “crimes against humanity.”

Appearing on ABC “This Week” for an exclusive interview with Martha Raddatz, Graham said if the administration believes the war in Ukraine is a “crime against humanity,” it should be providing Ukraine the defensive weapons needed to “stop the crime.”

He called on the administration to “act quickly” by designating Russia a state sponsor of terror which he said would make it difficult for Beijing to supply Russia with weapons.

Graham also said the US must immediately begin training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets.

When asked by Raddatz about whether Russian President Vladimir Putin would be provoked by the US offering F-16s and long-range missiles to Ukraine, Graham said he didn’t worry about “provoking Putin,” adding he wants Putin defeated.

Graham said the only way to defeat Putin is to provide Ukraine with the military capacity to “drive” the Russians out of all of Ukraine, including Crimea.

Graham added that if the US does not ensure that Putin is defeated in Ukraine, “he will not stop.” He reminded Raddatz that Ukraine and other former Soviet countries agreed to surrender their nuclear weapons in exchange for a guaranteed set of borders, adding that if the West fails to “honor that commitment,” it would be “rewarding Putin.”

Graham also suggested that increasing military aid to Ukraine would serve as a warning against China’s ambitions involving Taiwan.

He also told Raddatz that the West should be prepared to “come down hard on China” if Beijing does send weapons to Russia. He said the reason the US should designate Russia as a state sponsor of terror is that any nation that would provide lethal weapons to a state sponsor of terror “will get sanctions,” Graham explained.