White House Accuses Right Wing of Editing Biden Clips

The Biden Administration has recently called out right-winged media and critics for allegedly editing videos of the President out of context to make him appear unstable and push voter’s opinions on the President’s mindstate. President Biden is no stranger to media slander for his public antics, as the President has been seen on camera many times in the past seemingly not aware of his surroundings, unable to give competent speeches or hold his balance. Many of these incidents have led many voters to speculate whether the 81-year-old President is mentally and physically fit for another term in office, should he be re-elected in November. 

The White House staff has recently stated that many videos of Biden appearing mentally unwell have been selectively edited out of context to spread misinformation about Biden’s health. This comes after a recent incident where President Biden was seen on stage at a weekend fundraiser with former President Barack Obama. In the video, Biden seems to be confused as he stands before an applauding crowd, in which Obama then leads Biden off the stage. Outlets such as The New York Post highlighted the incident stating that Biden froze on stage and had to be led away by Obama. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre slammed the outlet by stating Biden and Obama have a family relationship.

Following a slew of criticism from the public, the White House released more footage of the event in which they claimed Biden remained standing to admire the applause. Jean-Pierre stated in a recent press briefing that the criticism shows how “desperate” Republicans have become to gain votes. 

However, the defense on the matter from Washington may not be enough to sway the public’s opinion on Biden’s mental capabilities. Many opinion polls show that Biden’s many public instances of incompetence are persuading voters to believe he is incapable of holding office for a second term, let alone finishing out his first.