War Ship Reportedly Has Mysterious Fumes Pouring Into It, Coast Guard Investigating

(JustPatriots.com)- According to statements made by passengers on board a Carnival Cruise ship on Thursday, the US Coast Guard received reports of unpleasant odors emanating from the ship, which the passengers claimed made them sick.

The company said that certain passengers onboard the cruise ship known as the Carnival Magic were “impacted by an odor.” They claim that the smell was from an “external painting project.”

According to the Coast Guard, there were no reports of immediate danger, and the agency also stated that it did not have any more information at the moment.

There is an ongoing investigation.

According to Carnival Cruise, all of the passengers departed from the ship, the Carnival Magic, which has the capacity to carry more than 3,600 people, after arriving in Norfolk, Virginia, on Thursday. According to tweets published by the authorities, investigators from the Coast Guard boarded the cruise ship when it arrived in Norfolk.

Carnival has stated that the crew members responded rapidly to the complaints and assisted the guests. The cruise line said that Carnival Magic arrived back in Norfolk from the Bahamas on time.

A passenger named Vanessa Burgard said that the floor where she was stationed, the second floor, had a distinct chemical odor. According to Burgard, the crew requested that certain passengers sign non-disclosure agreements.

Carnival advertises on its website that there are three trips on the 1,004-foot-long Carnival Magic that set sail from Norfolk. These cruises travel to destinations such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, and New England and can run for as long as eight days.

This year, the firm was involved in two accidents in which passengers on separate trips committed suicide by jumping out of ships. According to recent reports, the search for a lady who fell overboard from the tenth deck of the Carnival Valor ship when it was sailing to Mexico was called off after fourteen hours.

There has been no confirmation about the number of passengers reported ill, nor have symptoms been linked to COVID-19, so there is no current fear of an outbreak.

Carnival Magic is currently listed as “Orange” status on the CDC website tracking COVID-19 reports, which indicates that cases have been reported and an investigation is underway.