Walmart Forced To Use Own Shipping Containers As Supply Line Crisis Hits

( Walmart is reportedly being forced to use its own shipping containers and hire its own ships as the world faces a supply chain crisis. Reuters reports how the Flying Buttress cargo ship has been drafted in to help retail giant Walmart continue to supply customers with a wide range of products manufactured overseas.

The dry bulk cargo ship is just one of a large number of vessels being chartered by Walmart and competing retailers to bypass the global supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And it all comes ahead of one of the busiest seasons for purchasing – Christmas.

Joe Metzger, who is the United States executive vice president of Walmart’s supply chain operations, confirmed that the company has hired a number of vessels in 2021 and that chartering these ships is “just one example of investments” they have made to “move products as quickly as possible.

The company reportedly aims to bypass the busy ports and secure their own ship space as it becomes increasingly difficult to rely on traditional cargo ship services. The problems are being caused not just by COVID-19 disruptions but by uncertainty surrounding the trading relationship between China and the United States.

Over 60 container ships carrying billions of dollars worth of electronics, furniture, clothing, and other products are currently stock at terminals near Long Beach and Los Angeles, reportedly still waiting to unload the products. The news comes from the Marine Exchange of Southern California.

Target, Costco, Dollar Tree, and Home Depot have all reportedly said that they plan to charter their own ships to deal with the problem.

Reuters said that the issue is being referred to by experts as “Containergeddon.”

Now might be the time to go out and get your Christmas gifts, if you already know what you’re buying…