Walmart And Target Launch Plan To Push Unscientific Mask Policies

( Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advising the country to stop insisting that people wear masks everywhere, Walmart and Target are reportedly planning on keeping their mask mandates in place. It means that shoppers, whether they have been vaccinated or not, will be forced to wear masks to shop at the stores even if the rule…doesn’t make any sense.

Retailers Walmart and Target will also be joined by coffee chain Starbucks, with the companies planning on keeping the mask mandates in place until they review the new guidelines and decide whether they agree with the CDC.

Trader Joe’s, a natural food retailer, has said that fully vaccinated customers will no longer be required to wear masks while shopping in its stores.

According to a company spokesperson from Walmart, fully vaccinated employees will no longer be required to wear masks while working at their stores. Just the customers…

Walmart also said that they would give their employees a monetary incentive in the form of a $75 bonus if they take the vaccination.

Is taking the COVID-19 vaccine worth $75 to you? And will anybody who already has concerns about taking it be willing to ignore those concerns for the sake if 75 bucks?

There are more companies planning on keeping the rules in place, too – and bizarrely enough, many of them are restaurants. A Dine Brands Company spokesman, who speaks on behalf of IHOP and Applebees, said that diners will still be required to wear masks while walking around the restaurant (but not while eating).

Which already doesn’t make sense.

“While we review the update issued by the CDC yesterday, we are going to keep our current mask policy for a little while longer. We’re working closely with Franchisee Leadership across our system as we monitor updates and determine best next steps; learning from outside experts, and understanding the research and science. Our Franchisees and restaurant teams are ready to welcome guests back and focused on serving great and safe experiences when they choose to dine with us,” the spokesman said.

What happened to “follow the science”?