Vladimir Putin Deploys Ambassador To U.S.

(JustPatriots.com)- Following President Joe Biden’s behind-closed-doors discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week, the Russian ambassador to the United States is all set to return to America after being recalled.

It means that Russia is showing signs of willingness to work with the United States following increasing tensions after President Joe Biden entered the White House.

While much of the contents of the discussion between the two world leaders has remained secret, it is known that the pair agreed to send their respective ambassadors back to each other’s countries. It means that Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov will return to the United States and United States Ambassador John Sullivan will return to Moscow.

The U.S. Ambassador left Moscow in April as tensions between the two countries increased.

The news doesn’t necessarily mean that things are better between the two countries now, but at the very least indicates that Russia is willing to take steps to normalize relations again. Antonov boarded a Russian “Aeroflot” flight to New York last Sunday and traveled to Washington, but no official date has been confirmed for Sullivan’s return to Moscow.

Speaking to the Ria Novosti news agency, Antonov said that he is expecting to do “constructive work” with his American colleagues after the two presidents met, and aims to “build equal and pragmatic relations.” He also told the outlet that he had an “optimistic mood” about the future of U.S.-Russia relations.

After all this, it probably sounds wise for President Joe Biden to refrain from making direct attacks against President Vladimir Putin.

After all, this whole mess was caused by Biden slamming Putin as a “killer” and attempting to sound tough during an interview earlier this spring.