Vladimir Putin Calls Out Reporter For Flipping Script On Him

(JustPatriots.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin showed the media who’s boss last week, slamming a CNBC journalist for pretending as though she hadn’t heard what he said.

The Russian leader criticized CNBC reporter Hadley Gamble, though called her “beautiful” and “pretty” at the same time. He claimed that the news reporter hadn’t listened to his argument about the ongoing “gas war” with Europe, a topic sparking major concern and discussion globally about Russia’s influence over Europe.

After Gamble questioned Putin’s denial that Russia had purposely withheld gas from Europe to watch prices rise across the continent, Putin insisted that he had always kept the taps open to his European neighbors even during the Cold War and that any suggestion he was trying to throttle supply was “complete nonsense.”

He expressed his clear anger about the situation, explaining during an interview at Russian Energy Week how Gamble didn’t listen to his answers to her question.

“Beautiful woman, pretty, I’m telling her one thing. She instantly tells me the opposite as if she didn’t hear what I said. Well, I’ll repeat it for you once again,” he said.

Putin was clearly taunting hew, and Gamble responded by saying that he had heard him but claimed that the Russians took too long to address the gas supply problem.


Putin pushed back, telling her that she had just claimed that Russia doesn’t supply gas to Europe through pipelines.

“We are increasing supplies to Europe. Gazprom by 10 per cent. Russia has increased supplies by 15 per cent. We are increasing, not decreasing supplies,” Putin added.

The Russian leader added that if he is asked to produce more gas, then he is ready to increase production.

“There has been no single rejection,” he added.

Russia is a huge source of gas for Europe, with the existing pipeline running straight through Ukraine and earning the country $1 billion per year in maintenance fees. However, with the proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline on the way, Ukraine could be set to lose that money.

Not only that, but an increased dependence on Russia by European states could prompt the EU to look the other way if Russia decides to annex Ukraine as it did Crimea in 2014.

Jokes about Hadley Gamble aside, this is pretty worrying stuff.