VIDEO: Far-Left Rioters Injure 30 Police Officers In Philadelphia Chaos Overnight

( Far-left anti-police rioters, who support the Black Lives Matter movement, injured 30 officers on Monday night in Philadelphia during yet another violent riots. The extremist activists set fire to cars in the street and caused a huge amount of destruction in the Pennsylvania city. Left-wing activists initiated the unrest following the killing of a man by police officers who had approached the offices with a knife earlier that day.

According to NBC Philadelphia, far-left extremists started “throwing rocks and bricks at police” while other activists went about “looting or vandalizing businesses,” which is something American cities have been witnessing throughout the summer and into the fall.

Over 30 officers were hurt during the riots, including a 56-year-old sergeant who was hit by a pickup truck early on Tuesday, as the riots continued through the night. The female sergeant’s leg was broken and suffered various other injuries, and was taken to hospital.

Footage published by Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial who is best known for his coverage of Antifa and left-wing extremism, shows how the police officer was hit by the speeding vehicle.

Among the cars torched by the extremist rioters was a police vehicle. Footage shows the car on fire in the middle of the street.

Are these the peaceful protests that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden keep telling us about?

The incident that sparked the riots involved 27-year-old Walter Wallace. The young man was seen walking towards police officers holding a knife while his mother tried to pull him back, Officers warned him to back away and drop the knife, but he didn’t.

According to witness Maurice Holloway, officers shot Wallace after he refused to drop the knife, before putting him in their car and rushing him to the hospital.

Are we meant to believe this is another case of systemic racism in the police?