VIDEO: BLM Protester Pulls Gun On Innocent Driver During Road Blockade

( Black Lives Matter have once again proven they aren’t interested in peaceful protests by pulling a gun on an innocent driver during an Indianapolis protest. A truck driver attempted to get around a gang of Black Lives Matter protesters who were standing in the road, and when the protesters moved to stop the truck getting past, one member of the group pulled out a gun.

The video went viral over the weekend, and it’s really disturbing. It appears to have been filmed last Thursday but took a few days to circulate on social media.

Conservative actor James Woods published the clip on his Twitter account, and in the footage you can see a person draw their gun as the driver tried to move their vehicle around the protestors. That prompted the driver to try and drive around the other side of the road but was blocked again and eventually forced to reverse the vehicle and turn around.

You can hear someone in the background shot “Come on buddy don’t be stupid” at the driver, as if the driver had done something wrong. The footage also shows the protesters getting violent, throwing projectiles at the vehicle.

The Indianapolis Recorder, a local newspaper, published a report about the incident describing how it unfolded underneath the I-65 bridge.

“While members of the group tried to redirect traffic, a drive in a blue truck revved the engine, sending protesters scrambling to the sidewalk,” the newspaper detailed. “One protester, who only identified himself as ‘Icon,’ pulled a gun on the driver.”

Can you imagine having the audacity to stand I the way of traffic while your peers are throwing bottles at a truck – and pulling a gun on the driver – only to call the driver stupid?

It’s just one of many incidents like it, unfortunately. Over the last few months, Black Lives Matter protests have taken to the roads, blocking traffic in the cities and on major highways. It has ended in people getting shot, and others being hit by cars who didn’t have time to break.

And we’re meant to believe this is all in the name of racial justice.