Victim Of CNN Pedophile Is Furious He Wasn’t Arrested Sooner

( A veteran CNN producer was arrested earlier this month for allegedly luring young girls to his Vermont home and for sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl.

John Griffin, Chris Cuomo’s former producer, allegedly used messaging apps to befriend and persuade mothers of young girls to let him “train” their daughters sexually, telling them “a woman is a woman regardless of her age.”

In July 2020, a woman with a 9-year-old adopted daughter took him up on his offer and flew from Nevada to stay at Griffin’s Vermont home. According to authorities, while there, she and her daughter watched pornographic videos with Griffin featuring sexual acts with mothers and daughters.

Included in the evidence against Griffin is drone footage shot by Griffin showing him in his underwear standing beside the naked 9-year-old.

And this week, in an exclusive interview with Fox News, the biological mother of that 9-year-old victim blasted the FBI for waiting over a year to arrest the pedophile who victimized her daughter. She said their inaction made her lose all faith in the criminal justice system.

Catherine (no last name) did not have custody of her daughter and was not the one who led her child into this pedophile’s hands. But she was the one who uncovered the truth.

After one of the child’s overnight visits, Catherine attempted to contact the girl’s adoptive mother to come pick up the child but couldn’t get ahold of her. With time to spare, Catherine used her daughter’s phone to log in to the adoptive mother’s social media accounts where she found the salacious messages and evidence of the trip to Griffin’s Vermont home.

Armed with his phone number, Catherine called Griffin to confront him. During the call, Griffin referred to the 9-year-old as “very mature for her age.”

When the adoptive mom finally showed up, Catherine refused to let her daughter leave with the woman. And in a move that backfired on her, the adoptive mother called the cops on Catherine, and Catherine told the police what had happened.

The Henderson (Nevada) police ultimately arrested the child’s adoptive mother. They also notified federal authorities in Vermont of Griffin’s involvement. Catherine turned over to the FBI a thumb drive containing all the evidence she found.

But John Griffin remained free as a bird for sixteen months.

John Griffin is charged with three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity. If convicted, he faces anywhere from 10 years to life imprisonment.