Vast Government Scheme Involving Millions Used To Pay For Lawyers For Illegals

( An incredible new report claims that some $5.6 million in both state and local taxpayer money will be used to pay lawyers representing illegal aliens fighting deportation in 2022 – and that this figure may even increase.

The information comes from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, an immigration reform organization, which released a report on Tuesday. The organization found that at least $5.6 million in taxpayer money has already been earmarked to pay for lawyers working on deportation defense programs, which give people who illegally entered or remained in the United States access to funds to fight legitimate efforts to deport them.

The group described the figure as a “conservative estimate that does not include numerous other localities that fund their own independent anti-deportation programs.”

Does this sound like a good use of your money?

Dale Wilcox, the executive director of the group, said that the programs are an “insult to every law-abiding American citizen and legal resident” who pays their taxes. He added that American laws clearly state that any noncitizen charged with a civil offense doesn’t have the right to legal representation, yet for some reason, radical anti-borders groups are being allowed to start programs and use taxpayer money to pay for them.

The report shows how it’s not just the federal government working against American interests, stopping the construction of the southern border wall and flying illegal aliens who arrive at the border to random cities all over the United States in the dead of night. State groups and local efforts are also facilitating these federal efforts, making it easier for the tens of millions of illegal aliens already in the United States to remain here.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute reviewed some 22 local and city governments in the report who partnered with the left-wing SAE Initiative, which aims to provide legal counsel for noncitizens facing deportation.

If the United States is to get control of the illegal immigration crisis, more must be done to tackle these open borders groups using taxpayer funds to keep people here.