Vaccine Passport Required In Alberta

( In July, a reporter from Rebel News asked Alberta, Canada’s Premier Jason Kenney if he planned to introduce a vaccine passport in the province. Kenney gave the reporter an unequivocal answer:

Yup. The people concerned about mandatory vaccinations or vaccine passports “have nothing to be worried about.”

It can’t get any clearer than that.

But, much like President Biden’s unequivocal statement that his administration would not issue vaccine mandates, Premier Kenney did an about-face.

Last Wednesday, Alberta’s Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced that due to COVID-19, those who are unvaccinated will no longer be permitted to gather at any indoor venue. This applies to anyone twelve years of age or older.

Kenney, meanwhile, posted a message to Twitter instructing Albertans how to access their COVID vaccine records so they can either print them out or display them on their smart phones or tablets.

Quite a turnaround from July.

To go from “we will not facilitate or accept vaccine passports” to “here’s how to access your vaccine records” in two months flat.

It turns out people in Alberta had reason to be worried.

Apparently Jason Kenney’s concerns about contravening the Health Information Act or the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act weren’t so concerning after all.

It would be one thing if this kind of dishonesty was just a problem in Canada. But it isn’t.

After President Biden’s September 9 address announcing imposing vaccine mandates for any business with more than 100 employees, Grabien’s Tom Elliott compiled a montage video showing everyone from Anthony Fauci to Nancy Pelosi to Jen Psaki to Joe Biden himself declaring that the federal government could not impose such a mandate.

Nothing has done more damage to the people’s trust in government than the COVID pandemic. From Australia to France, from Canada to the United States – government leaders have proven so monstrously untrustworthy, it is hardly surprising that faith in institutions is at an all-time low.

When the politicians who were previously citing all the reasons they can’t act like dictators turn around and act like dictators anyway, there is no other outcome than distrust and anger.