US Troop Encounters With Iran Drones Escalates

Last week, the world welcomed the 2024 calendar year with New Year’s festivities held everywhere across planet earth. While these festivities are often looked at with optimism, and many people make lofty New Year’s resolutions wow world leaders call for peace and stability in the coming year, this year things truly were not like others in past times. Indeed, the economic, social, political, and cultural health of the United States and the state of international politics at large is quite poor. Over the last several years, the commander-in-chief of the United States Joe Biden has governed in an incompetent fashion that the state of diplomacy across the globe has deteriorated markedly and armed conflicts have escalated on two different continents. In October 2023, the Islamic terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel and murdered over 1,000 civilians; the war continues to rage in Gaza. In early 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in Eastern Europe and brought War back to the continent for the first time since 1945.

Biden has truly appeared incompetent in almost every regard of leadership; he has undoubtedly contributed to the escalation of both conflicts and America’s enemies have been emboldened due to his weak leadership. Biden allowed Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin to begin drilling for oil in the North Atlantic; his predecessor Donald Trump did not allow this to happen. Russia was emboldened by this as they had access to a new supply of oil and made most of Europe dependent on them for supply. In the month leading up to the conflict in Israel, Biden had agreed to unfreeze billions of dollars in Iranian assets in exchange for American hostages, negotiating with terrorists and making America appear truly vulnerable.

The world appears as if it is on the brink of world war three. Since October 17th, American military forces have shot down over 50 drones affiliated with Iran and related terrorist groups backed by the country.