US Military Says It Has NO Plans For Martial Law

( Even though former General Michael Flynn suggested the use of martial law to ensure President Donald Trump’s re-election, military leaders shot that notion down pretty quickly.

On Friday, leaders in the U.S. Army issued a statement that wholeheartedly rejected Flynn’s idea to use martial law and other “military leaders” as election fraud allegations are being made.

In the joint statement, Army chief of staff General James McConville and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy wrote:

“There is no rule for the U.S. military in determining the outcome of an American election.”

That statement follows closely with one given by Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, before the presidential election. He told various media outlets before the election that the military won’t have any role in a peaceful transition from one president to the next.

Last week, Flynn, speaking on “Greg Kelly Reports,” talked about Trump’s ability to look into voting machines produced by Dominion Voting Systems. These machines have been alleged to have inaccuracies in them. Flynn said of Trump:

“He could immediately on his order seize every single one of these machines around the country on his order. He could also order, within the swing states, if he wanted to, he could take military capabilities and he could place them in those states and basically re-run an election in each of those states. It’s not unprecedented.

“I mean, these people are out there talking about martial law like it’s something we’ve never done. Martial law has been instituted 64 times.”

Lin Wood, a lawyer in Georgia who has been challenging the election results and seeking to gain access to the Dominion voting machines, made similar comments last week as well. He said:

“If the Supreme Court does not act, I think the president should declare some extent of Martial law, and he should hold off and stay the Electoral College.

“Because we cannot have in this country an election of our leader where you have massive evidence of fraud and illegality. This country has to have a vote that has integrity. And the Electoral College does not need to meet and vote until we have resolved these issues.”

Flynn took to Twitter over the weekend to push his message even further. He wrote:

“If you can’t tell, #WeThePeople are not happy about the fraud perpetuated against us.”

One of Flynn’s former deputies is not on board with what his former boss is saying. Douglas Wise, who from 2014 through 2016 served under Flynn as the deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said Flynn is out of line for making these suggestions.

Wise is also apparently not happy that Flynn, a former national security adviser to Trump, was pardoned by the president for his crimes of allegedly lying to the FBI. Wise wrote on Twitter:

“A pardon allows Flynn to escape punishment, but he can’t escape the shame. @GenFlynn is a traitor to American ideals & core values. He deserves to have millions of Americans, veterans & GO colleagues know him for what the criminal he is.”