“Unlisted” Trump Video Of His Plane’s New Paint Job Could Suggest His 2024 Plans

(JustPatriots.com)- An unlisted video on YouTube shows Donald Trump’s jet receiving a fresh paint job. This lends credence to the theory that the former president will launch his campaign for the presidential election in 2024.

The promotional film, four minutes long and published on YouTube by a local cameraman on July 4, depicts Landlocked Aviation of Louisiana doing refinishing work on the aircraft commonly referred to as Trump Force One.

According to Valiant News, “the footage shows the plane being hauled into a hangar where it is then wrapped in plastic before being cleaned and polished.”

Workers proceeded to totally cover the renowned paint job on the plane once it had been taken down, at which point they produced primer, then paint, and began the process.

After that, the jet was repainted in the same style as the first design, and an American flag was painted on the aircraft’s tail.

Due to the fact that presidents utilize Air Force One while in office, the jet was never used during Donald Trump’s tenure as president; however, Trump did suggest that he would start using the plane again when he left the White House.

The new paintwork will lend credence to the widespread belief that Trump plans to announce his campaign for president in 2024 sometime this month.

As we documented last month, according to those close to Trump, the former president wants to demonstrate to his closest competitor Governor Ron DeSantis “who the boss is” by organizing a large rally in the month of July in the state of Florida. This is something that we covered before.

It would appear that Trump has his sights set on upstaging DeSantis with a fireworks-filled spectacle, and he is already looking into suitable venues in the area of the Florida Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, whose job approval just reached a new record low, started rambling about how Trump had phoned him at a speech he gave the night before after he apparently heard a cellphone buzzing in the audience. Biden’s job approval just hit a new record low.