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China Will Follow Democrats by Compiling Lists of People They Consider Threats

China Will Follow Democrats by Compiling Lists of People They Consider Threats

(UnitedVoice.com) – After the election, members of the Democratic Party started coming forward in opposition to President Donald Trump’s supporters. The Left started the “Trump Accountability Project” to keep track of those people. It seems China is now taking a page from their playbook.

According to reports, the Chinese Communist Party is going to blacklist anyone who has supported the movements for democracy in Taiwan and Hong Kong. On November 16, state media organization the Global Times said the massive project isn’t an “empty threat.” The news site said it’s “a sword” that’s been hanging over the heads of critics. The people on the list will not be allowed to enter Chinese lands.

The blacklist is eerily similar to the Democrats’ list. They claim the people on their list should never serve in the government again.

What do both of these revelations mean for a potential Biden administration? One fact is certain, the former vice president can’t afford to back down and meet China’s conditions. The federal government can’t allow an adversarial foreign entity to dictate orders to the US.

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