United States Arrest Shows Kingdom’s Reach

(JustPatriots.com)- A man was arrested after lying to federal officials about his using multiple accounts to harass Saudi dissidents. 42-year-old Ibrahim Alhussayen was arrested after sending an anonymous message to Danah al-Mayouf saying that he will help her with her $5 million lawsuit she faced against a pro-government Saudi fashion model on the condition that she meet him.

“I can’t meet someone I don’t know,” al-Mayouf ultimately responded. “Especially with all the kidnappings and killings.” Thankfully, she continued, she did not meet him.

U.S. federal prosecutors arrested Alhussayen after he was caught to be lying and using accounts to harass and threaten dissidents of the Saudi government, mostly women in the U.S. and Canada.

The arrest seems to be part of a larger plot by foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia and China. A complaint was unsealed last month in Brooklyn, New York that pointed to “a wider investigation into online harassment campaigns targeting Saudi dissidents in the U.S. and their relatives — part of a trend of transnational repression that has alarmed American authorities in recent years as various autocratic governments seek to punish critics overseas,” according to the Associated Press.

China has also been operating in the United States as the Justice Department revealed earlier this year that that operatives in the country are acting on behalf of CCP officials to surveil dissidents in the U.S.

These revelations come amidst a toughening Saudi oppression, in the kingdom and abroad, as they work to reconcile their actions to the image of “liberal reformer” they want others to perceive. The Saudi government has reportedly maintained that critics pose a threat to them and the kingdom’s security—a position they maintain to commit horrific acts like killing and dismembering the U.S. based Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But despite the kingdom’s hostile and violent opposition to critics, President Joe Biden shared a fist-bump with Prince Mohammed at a diplomatic summit last week. So much for treating the kingdom like a “pariah.”

As Biden continues his raid against domestic production of oil, he has sought increase Saudi oil supply, but to no avail. He has failed to win any Saudi commitment, according to the New York Post.