UK Health Secretary Caught Kissing Aide

( The British government is about to launch a new investigation to learn how photographs of the nation’s Health Secretary, Member of Parliament Matt Hancock, were leaked to the press showing him kissing one of his aides.

The scandal erupted in the United Kingdom when Hancock, who is the head of the nation’s Health Department and the figurehead of the national COVID-19 response, was spotted kissing and groping a woman on a security camera who was not his wife. He apologized on Friday after the photographs were leaked, but it took him a few days to release a video announcing his resignation from his government position.

The British people already had many reasons to dislike him, given his strong support of heavy COVID-19 social distancing and mask restrictions, and now they have even more reasons.

Imagine if Dr. Anthony Fauci got caught kissing somebody after telling the country not to engage in casual sex because of the risk of spreading the virus. That’s what’s happening here.

In his resignation video, Hancock said that he understands the enormous sacrifices everybody in the country has made, and said that he has to resign because those who make the rules should stick by them.

Too right.

Nobody knows how the video footage of Hancock kissing and groping his aide was released to the press, but the government is launching an investigation to find out how the leak occurred. The government’s Minister ofr Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, said U.K. officials will be looking to find out “exactly” how the images were leaked.

The investigation will also focus on whether the cameras, which were in Hancock’s office, were there “appropriately,” and whether the camera was installed for security reasons.

It does seem kind of odd that a government minister’s office was being watched by cameras, and that the footage could so easily be released. While it seems fitting that a government minister who broke the rules should be held accountable for it, it’s extremely serious for footage of government officials in compromising positions to be accessible to the press and others.

Imagine what damage blackmailing a government official with video footage could do…