U.S. To Draw Up Emergency Event Plan For All Taiwan Issues

DOUBLE DOWN! President Trump Wants Pardoned Warriors On Campaign Trail
DOUBLE DOWN! President Trump Wants Pardoned Warriors On Campaign Trail

(JustPatriots.com)- Reports suggest that the United States and Japanese armed forces are working together and establishing plans for the possibility that China launches a military campaign against Taiwan. Even as the White House sends mixed signals about whether or not the federal government believes in the extreme “One China” policy, with regards to President Xi Jinping’s desire to take over Taiwan, it looks as though the U.S. military is siding with Taiwan.

The Japanese Kyodo news agency said on Thursday that anonymous Japanese government sources confirmed the existence of a draft plan for a joint operation for an emergency in Taiwan.

It comes as China warns the United States to stay out of the conflict, with President Xi Jinping insisting that China and Taiwan will “reunite.”

Notice how China wasn’t this upfront about its intentions to invade other countries when President Donald Trump was in charge?

Under the rumored joint plan, American Marine Corps will set up temporary bases on the Nansei island chain if China ramps up its offensive against Taiwan. Troops will be deployed to the region, while Japanese armed forces will them provide logistical support – which includes ammunition and fuel.

As the former colonial ruler of Taiwan, Japan has an interest in helping the island remain independent. And the United States, while ideologically in favor of Taiwan remaining independent, could be hindered by President Joe Biden’s crippling fear of not doing what China tells him.