U.S. Olympian Turns Back On U.S. Flag

(JustPatriots.com)- A United States Olympic hammer thrower tried to become the Colin Kaepernick of hammer throwing over the weekend when she placed a tee shirt over her head and turned away from the American flag when the national anthem was playing.

During the United States Olympic track and field trials, Gwen Berry turned away as others put their hand to their heart and stood in respect.

Berry then tried to turn the tables on the organizers of the trials, saying she felt like it was a “setup.”

A setup? The national anthem gets played at every major sports game, and even local sports games. ESPN also reported that the Star-Spangled Banner has been played every evening of the United States Olympic track and field trials since its inception, but Berry thinks it was played on purpose as she stood on the podium to receive her bronze prize.

According to her, the national anthem was played specifically to annoy her, because she’s black, or something.

It’s hard for many to believe Berry when she says it was a setup, given that she was holding up a tee short that literally read “activist athlete” when the national anthem was playing.

What is she…an activist, or a victim?

Republicans have called on Berry to be removed from the Olympic team for disrespecting the flag and the anthem, including Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to condemn Berry’s actions during a press briefing this week, saying that part of our pride in the country “means recognizing there are moments where we, as a country, haven’t lived up to our highest ideals.”

So…it looks like this behavior is now endorsed by the White House.

Real nice…

It’s not the first time that Berry has done this. In 2019, she raised a fist, in a “black power” style, when she stood on the podium at the Pan-American Games that were hosted in Peru. She was placed on probation by the Olympic Committee as a result, but later received an apology…for some reason.