U.S. Military To Have A ‘Salami-Slicing’ Problem

(JustPatriots.com)- The United States has a salami-slicing problem that it seriously needs to address as its foreign policy remains unclear, according to a report from the defense and national security website 19FortyFive.

Firstly, “salami-slicing” refers to a divide-and-conquer strategy employed by countries seeking to take a series of small actions to affect a larger goal, such as Russia invading Ukraine and proclaiming the annexation of its various regions, China refusing to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation and enacting sneaky strategy in the South China Sea, or Turkey threatening an invasion of Greece.

The U.S’ ambiguous stance on these issues threatens another bold attack like that of former North Korean leader Kim Il-sung on South Korea.

Just a year after President Biden’s inauguration, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, to quickly seize critical cities, including Kyiv. What it did not remember, however, was that in every instance of a country invading another the United States has gotten involved, according to the outlet.

As the U.S. and other Western leaders are dealing with the war in Ukraine, China is also ramping up aggression over Taiwan and testing American response. The White House’s ambiguous stance reportedly suggests that it would compromise over Taiwan’s territory, which the author compares to the U.S. compromising its own Hawaii.

But this is not merely a South China Sea issue. Turkey is headed by another “revisionist dictator” reportedly consolidating control and using external aggression to disguise its corruption and economic mismanagement. Similar to China exerting control over the South China Sea, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is claiming control over the Aegean Sea.

Turkey might not look to employ warplanes and capture Athens or even the Aegean islands but may strike at small and unpopulated islands, such as Agathonisi, Farmakonisi, Kandeliousa, and Kinaros.

Secretary of State Atony Blinken is reportedly guilty of moral equivalence and “bothsiderism,” which is escalating conflict in the South Caucasus. In one example, Blinken called Azerbaijan’s foreign minister “courageous,” “after the Aliyev regime twice invaded sovereign Armenian territory. Azerbaijan’s response? To demand far more Armenian territory.”

The U.S. reportedly needs a clearer foreign policy to deal with these escalating “salami-slicing” conflicts.