U.S. Lawmaker Warns Of Invasion

(JustPatriots.com)- Texas Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to add his voice to the rising chorus of those concerned over the future ramifications of President Biden’s reckless pull-out in Afghanistan.

Gonzales, a Navy vet of both Iraq and Afghanistan, had just returned from Ukraine with a Congressional delegation. He told Fox & Friends that the Ukrainians are concerned about Russia’s aggression. And given the debacle Biden unleashed in Afghanistan, there is some concern over what American would do if Russia invades Ukraine.

Additionally, Gonzales who recently traveled to South Korea, explained that the South Koreans are also worried about what will happen if China invades Taiwan.

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This has become an all-too-repeated concern over Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan.

America’s enemies are watching Biden’s weakness. But so are America’s allies.

On Wednesday, the UK Parliament voted to hold President Biden in contempt over his withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it “catastrophic” and “shameful.” During the session, members of Parliament warned that Biden’s actions in Afghanistan would only embolden Russia and China.

According to reports on Friday, during the G7 summit in June, President Biden assured UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the US would maintain enough of a security presence in Afghanistan to keep Kabul safe. The UK believed him, so much so that it decided it could maintain its Kabul embassy after the withdrawal.

But rather than face the criticism from allies head-on, the White House is busy covering up the criticism.

It was reported in the UK Guardian on Friday that the White House’s readout of a call between President Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron from Thursday omitted an impassioned plea Macron made to Biden.

In the French government’s readout of the call, Macron told Biden that the US and its allies have a “moral responsibility” to evacuate the thousands of Afghan allies who worked with NATO forces. However, the White House readout makes no mention of Macron’s plea.

Biden, meanwhile, continues to offer lie after lie – lies that even his own administration is quick to dispute.

During his Friday address and press conference, President Biden declared that al Qaeda is done in Afghanistan. Just a short time later, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby disputed that claim saying that al Qaeda does still have a presence in Afghanistan.

Biden also claimed that there have been no reports of Americans unable to make it to the airport in Kabul. However reporters on the ground immediately disputed that claim – including CBS reporter Ian Pannell.

Joe Biden has severely damaged America’s standing in the world, and our allies and enemies are watching it unfold in real time.