U.S. Lawmaker Under Investigation For Suspicious Spending Practices

(JustPatriots.com)- According to a report issued on Monday by the Office of Congressional Ethics, Representative Ronny Jackson may have inappropriately used campaign funds for his own personal purposes.

It was stated in the report that there were “strong grounds to believe” that Jackson used campaign funds to pay for membership in a private social club. This report was sent to the House Ethics Committee.

According to the information provided in the study, the laws of the Federal Election Commission ban campaign committees from using campaign cash “to acquire limitless admission to country clubs, health clubs, recreational facilities, and other non-political groups.”

According to the article, however, Jackson’s campaign group, which is called Texans for Ronny Jackson, utilized campaign funds to pay for unrestricted entry to the Amarillo Club, a private social and dining club located in Amarillo, Texas.

Additionally, the report stated that Jackson “refused to engage with this review,” and Jackson’s legal counsel responded with a brief explanation that his actions at the social club complied with laws.

According to the study, members of the Amarillo Club have access to “many advantages,” such as “fine dining, a wine program, a gym, and banquet and conference room spaces,” as well as reciprocity at a nationwide network of social clubs that are equivalent to the Amarillo Club.

According to the investigation, Ronny Jackson received payments from Texans who seemed to be membership dues covering Jackson and his wife. Additionally, the report stated that Jackson “spent money on different Amarillo Club dinners and events.”

According to a response provided by a law firm representing Jackson and included in the report, the campaign purchased the membership to utilize meeting space in the club because “the cost of such membership was determined to be less than the campaign would have spent on renting meeting space on an individual basis.”

According to the response, neither Congressman Jackson nor any family members have utilized any benefits of the Amarillo Club other than dining and meeting spaces for campaign purposes. As a result, all of the expenses in question have been made by Texans for Ronny Jackson for campaign purposes.