U.S. And Allies To Send Military Planes To Putin

(JustPatriots.com)- President Joe Biden probably wants the world to think that he’s the tough guy the West needs to take on Russia, but the truth is that the recent news that NATO jets and US bombers conducted war games at Russia’s doorstep was orchestrated by several world leaders.

This week, footage showed American B-52 Stratofortress planes refuelling during a flight from Spain before returning to Operation Allied Sky. It was a NATO-led mission to show the “credibility of common defence” and the “enhanced readiness” of the warplanes ahead of an expected summit between American President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jeff Harrigian, the Commander General of the NATO Allied Air Command, said that bomber missions like this are designed to demonstrate the ability of NATO forces to “address a global security environment” that is more uncertain and diverse than ever.

Harrigian added that the mission was an “awesome demonstration” of NATO’s air superiority.

Other nations that took part in the military air exercise included Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Canada, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Netherland, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Several other nations also took part.

On Friday, the British military appeared to issue another threat to Vladimir Putin, sending HMQ Queen Elizabeth – an aircraft carrier – to lead more war games in the Black Sea. The £3 billion ship was also joined by 19 NATO warships from the United States.

The exercise is expected to continue until June 22, and will include destroyers, submarines, and frigates.

It comes as yet another major Russian-led hack was revealed this week, with the FBI identifying a Russia-linked group as responsible for a hack on JBS USA, one of the biggest meat suppliers in the United States. The most recent hack forced the company to completely shut down operations, though thankfully, it didn’t mean that half the country lost access to fuel like it did when the Russians hacked the Colonial Pipeline…

Let’s see whether Putin feels threatened by President Biden when they meet at their upcoming summit.